Welcome to the 2009 Wharton Energy Conference

The rising generation of business leaders has the unparalleled opportunity — and the responsibility to future generations — to achieve a sustainable energy portfolio.  This opportunity presents itself at a time when business students are seeking new avenues to create economic value. Our goal is to further student understanding of, and interest in, the opportunities to meet the global energy challenge.

As one of the world’s oldest and finest business schools, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to educating the leaders of the organizations which will develop, fund, commercialize, scale, and implement solutions to meet the world’s energy challenges. Each year, the Wharton Energy Club, an independent, student-run organization at the Wharton School, sponsors the Wharton Energy Conference.

The day-long conference attracts more than 400 students and energy industry professionals and is covered by the Wharton Journal, our student run weekly newspaper, and by Knowledge@Wharton, the school’s online business journal which is published in 3 languages and reaches over 900,000 subscribers in 189 countries.

Wharton is one of the only business schools with an annual energy event that encompasses the variety of fields related to energy including renewables, oil and gas, power, energy finance, and energy policy. The Conference will explore the role of Wall Street, entrepreneurs, and established market leaders in the evolution of our energy landscape. A wide-ranging series of industry experts and observers will educate students on the key trends in energy financing, technology, and policy.  In addition, the conference Career Fair will provide students the opportunity to interact directly with participating companies and learn about possible career paths in the energy industry.

We are excited to welcome you to a conference that you will never forget.